According to lawyer Sir John William Salmond, a contract is “an agreement that creates and defines obligations between two or more parties”For the formation of a contract, the process of proposal or offer by one party and acceptance by the other is necessary. This generally includes the negotiation process in which the parties apply their opinion, make the offer and acceptance, and enter into a contract. If a person signals to another person`s will or renounces to do something to obtain the agreement of the other for such an act or such abstinence, he is told to make a proposal. If the person to whom the proposal is submitted agrees, it is said that the proposal will be adopted. To turn a proposal into a promise, you have to accept it.1 Absolute and unqualified – Any deviation from the terms of the offer or qualification is accepted, unless it is agreed by the person of origin of the offer. A hypothesis with a variant is not an acceptance; it is simply a counter-proposal.2. Expressed in a usual and reasonable manner. – if the applicant prescribes a certain type of acceptance, it must be carried out in this way and, where it is not required, it must be carried out in a normal and reasonable manner. Who can make a deal? A person who. is the majority age according to the law to which it is subject. Is a healthy mind – A person is told that he is healthy to enter into a contract if, at the time of his decision, he is able to understand it and make a rational judgment on its impact on his interests.c. is not excluded from the award of the contract by a law for which it is subject. It`s a contract.

Therefore, a minor is not in a position to enter into a contract and a minor`s agreement is cancelled ab initio. It cannot ratify and confirm an agreement on the age of majority. (Void ab initio means it never had any legal validity). As a result, the following persons are unfit for contract1. Minors2. People with unhealthy minds3. People who are disqualified by law and to whom they are subject. The basis of a valid contractThe terms of the drafting of the contract are the agreement and the consideration.