To cancel your plan, contact Apple Support. It may be helpful to have the AppleCare agreement number, the serial number of the device that covers the plan, or your original sales document. To get the contract number and serial number, log in to My Support. Description:- Support your colleagues around the world in AppleCare by asking questions about the AppleCare protection plan and other related support agreements – process maintenance requests with different internal tools. Contract maintenance includes DOP updates, coverage/ownership transfer, etc. – the field and fall back on written and language requests for agreements and warranty issues to the relevant division. – Cooperation with agents in Apple contact centers around the world, to solve complex contract issues by phone and chat.- Exemptions document/log support and problem solving on a case-by-case basis with different tools.- Contact customers by phone or email and do research to do research, research, research, and carelessness. to help contracts.- Support Apple contracts, including APP, AC and other agreements.- Work from your home office with end-users and resellers to ensure a complete solution to our customers.- Be responsible for monitoring the daily workload.- Keep to a minimum the team production requirements set by management. – Track and report system problems that could result in customer luck or service production.

AppleCare Help Desk support covers an unlimited number of support incidents for hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting and problem isolation for Apple-based solutions, including graphical user interface support for macOS server network configuration and server management. You can even get help for Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager if you call. Additional Apple devices or Mac computers don`t increase the cost of your AppleCare Help Desk support contract to simplify budgeting. Covered products include:2 – We need a private workspace with a door that quietly closes an ergonomic chair and desk without noise.- High-speed Internet connection (min. 10 Mbps Download/3Mbps Upload) from a reliable provider. France Metropolitan: 0805 540 003 DOM-TOM: 0825 77 00 351 If you make monthly payments for your AppleCare plan, the plan is linked to your Apple ID and cannot be transferred to a new owner. If you cancel your AppleCare plan, the monthly billing cannot be renewed. If you are no longer eligible for an AppleCare plan, you can no longer add it to your device. Turkey 02162821622 00804488298781 0216 282 1622 Education Clients (local) Assistance: 1-800-800-2775 Distribution: 1-800-780-500 9 Philippines4 1-800-1441-0234 (PLDT and Smart Communications) 1-800-8908-8277 (Globe) We work with geniuses – in each department, we create innovative products, that excite our customers and create new product categories – who else can say that? If we replace your device instead of repairing it, we will automatically transfer your plan to your new device.