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A blind trust is a trust in which directors are not aware of the trust`s assets and have no right to intervene in their transactions. In a blind trust, trustees (trustees or those who have obtained the power of attorney) have total discretion over the assets. Blind trusts are generally used when a trusted provider (sometimes called Settlor, Trustor, Grantor or Donor) wants the beneficiary to be unaware of the trust`s specific assets, for example. B to avoid conflicts of interest between the beneficiary and investments. The U.S. federal government recognizes “qualified blind trust” (QBT), as defined in the Ethics Act in the Government Act and related rules. [1] In order for a blind trust to be a QBT, the agent must not be bound or linked to the government official. [2] During the estate planning process, a blind trust could be created if the agent does not want the beneficiaries to know how much money there is in the Trust. A blind trust could also be designed so that funds are paid to the recipient when the person reaches a certain age or milestone, such as the university diploma.B.