4. An applicant subject to a section 486 (2) decision by a public servant or worker has the right to have the local government consider the matter free of charge. d) different sizes or a different number of parts in an evolution. 7. Subject to a settlement covered in point (8) or a subsection regulation (11) a), construction, the modification or extension of closed dwelling units in a building authorized in a building authorized as part of a building permit should not be paid if (c) a local government or education board for the provision of information for the purposes of Section 574 [determining school location as needed]; (b) an agreement with the municipality or landkreis for the construction and installation of the necessary works and services up to a specified date or forfeiture to the municipality or Landkreis on the amount guaranteed under item a). 5. The Minister may, by regulation, authorize, for all or more types of developments, the payment of development costs in installments and impose conditions under which payments can be made. “Land Use Authorization,” a development permit, a temporary use authorization, a diversion authorization or an authorization from Division 10 [Other Authorizations and Authorization Issues] of that party; (2) Section 503 [Notice of Authorization] applies to a notice pursuant to subsection 1 of this section, but there is no obligation to mention a minor amendment as described in Section 519 (2). 2.

When a local government proposes to include an issue in a formal community plan that is not within the jurisdiction of local authorities, the plan can only specify the overall purpose of local government in this area, unless the Minister has imposed or authorized the local government to adopt a policy in this area, in accordance with Section 473 paragraph 1, point g). 5. After reviewing a report under the subsection (4), the inspector may order the transfer, in accordance with this section, of credits from a reserve fund for development cost recovery funds to a reserve fund created for capital purposes. 6. A local government, the City of Vancouver or an authorizing official may not carry out any of the following measures, unless that law, other law or implementation order is authorized under the control of that act or other law: (3) Despite subsection 1 or 2, a local government may charge a fee to a teaching board and at an approved fee.