As with our other areas of practice, much of our work is international. Outsourcing is an important feature of outsourcing and we have looked at many offshore outsourcing agreements. We have collaborated on major outsourcing projects for facility management, in which one or more commercial functions are required for physical maintenance or operations of offices, operations or manufacturing facilities. This could include functions such as restoration, security, cleaning, horticulture, logistics management or maintenance of buildings or machinery. One of our biggest projects in this area has been the representation of a global food and beverage producer in the outsourcing of a variety of functions at its plants in the UK, Europe and Asia. At the end of the scale, we accept agreements for the outsourcing of the design, development or manufacture of manufacturing products or components. Our customers are one of the world`s leading manufacturers and suppliers of payment cards and payment solutions for banks and telecommunications. Many of the areas mentioned above have a technological element, but we also regularly advise on IT outsourcing. In addition to outsourcing functions such as application development, programming, maintenance and support, we have been involved in projects to develop and host sophisticated IT platforms to support core functions in the areas of finance and banking, healthcare and media. We have helped our clients set up health data storage and distribution platforms, centralized food purchases for a large care home manager, and hosted a sports media archive. We have helped customers acquire telecommunications networks and satellite services. We advise them in outsourcing back-office administrative processes such as human resources, salaries, recruitment, finance and accounting, as well as other office functions.

We also take care of customer functions such as contact centers and marketing. Our expertise is not limited to certain sectors. Our customers include suppliers and customers, including some of the UK`s largest international outsourcing service providers and companies. As noted below, we have received significant external recognition for our long experience in this area. In a complex and technically demanding environment, we always strive to use common sense and a practical understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit of the functions we face and the potential risks to the company. Many consultants in this area focus too much on complex service level rules and supplier “penalties” as the only solution. While these mechanisms play a valuable role, we try to find solutions to problems (legal and practical) that can allow companies to continue to work in the event of a problem. Claims can take years.

For many companies, the loss or deterioration of a basic business function over a relatively short period of time could have a significant impact on their viability. Please copy this integration script and insert it to the place where you want to integrate this form. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Below is a clear list of the types of arrangements we usually deal with.