You`ve planned your usability test – now is the time to run it. To make sure you don`t forget to take any of the necessary steps, we`ve created this easy-to-use test model. Then explain to the participant the test, including the product, the purpose of the test, the scenarios they are developing, etc. “To design the best UX, be careful what users do, not what they say. Even reported claims are unreliable, as are user speculation about future behavior. Users don`t know what they want. ” – Asif, on behalf of Quovantis, Why is it important to do usability tests Why is it important to do usability tests? – Asif, on behalf of Quovantis Before the test begins, take a moment to record the metrics that will be measured to determine the success of your usability test. These should have already been defined in your usability test plan, so refer to them if you don`t know them in advance. Then confirm that the participant will be properly compensated for the test. If the agreement was to pay them on the spot after the conclusion, then do so now, otherwise make sure the participant knows how they will receive their payment (if they have not already done so) and when it will happen. With advice and instructions on everything from preparing approval forms for your participants to instructions you can give them before the test and space to store your notes, this model offers everything you need to perform a successful test.

As with the explanation of the test, try to avoid having too much information directly about the test solution itself. Also keep in mind all the questions you have in the form field below for secure retention. Write down the details of the participant in this test using the form fields below. This is mainly used for recording and facilitates the ability to see which participants have responded better to certain designs and scenarios. If you want to change these elements or add other subjective metrics, you can change this easy-to-use test model. While you need to familiarize the participant with the crude idea of the product, try not to tell them anything that affects their actions during the test. These vary greatly depending on the website or product you are testing (and the stage of development in which it is located), so try to focus on what your test benefits from the knowledge of the participants. If another participant is due, re-enter everything you need to look for with the test and record everything related to the last report (z.B session records).