If you still haven`t solved the Versailles Shore Treaty Note crossword, then why not browse our database in search of the letters you already have! Below, you will find possible answers to the Treaty of Versailles on crosswords mentions. Land between the trenches no country of devotion to the land-based nations of nationalism to extend economic and political control over weaker countries the imperialism development of the armed forces Militarism were known as the Triple Agreement before the beginning of the First World War allied as the three alliances before the First World War central powers on the throne A-H; was assassinated at the first war of the Ferdinand Armies in trench warfare and fighting, which was sunk and killed 128 Americans Lusitania Telegram from Germany to Mexico-proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico Charpentier Note Act, men for military service service selective service heavy escort ships of corps escort ships and commander of the AEF Pershing yellow-green chlorine used in the management of the WWI guard war war; became a hero of WWI York A deal, to talk about fire until a Treay can be signed President of the United States during World War I Wilson Chief Of Information Wib Baruch, the public opinion propaganda chief of the ICC Creel movement from A.A. from south to north for the jobs of Great Britain`s great migration leader during World War I leader George of France during World War I for peace 14 points for war damage repair treaties that ended World War I Versailles Forced Germany to admit sole responsibility for the beginning of World War I war debt With this act, a person could be punished up to $10,000 for interfering in espionage efforts in the efforts of the German attack in the event of two frontal wars , whose assassination led to ww1 Franz Ferdin Allaince between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary allaince Britain, and Russia triple agreement, which changed sides in the war Italy country that Germany gave a blank check Austria Hungary country that left the war in 1918 Russia proudly from the army and keep an army ready for war agreements , the ww1 ceasefire limits deliveries such as food and clothing, etc. Rationing of unilateral information created to keep people who have war propaganda a kind of attack where soldiers pour from ditches to the enemy trench warfare the last central power to leave the person of the German war of the United States, the series of peace proposals Holzrow Wilson French person who was made the nickname of Tiger and really wanted Germany to break the country of Germany to get front in which France and Great Britain pushed Germany west of the front, where it gained more movement of the country and lost Woodrow Wilson of the east The country that the Germans planned to defeat the first country of France planned to defeat the city, the person who kills Archduke Ferdinand of Serbia.