Where an agreement is in effect due to a temporary illness, accident or other circumstances that may be temporary, the total duration of the agreement and possible extensions must not exceed 24 months. Parents who are unable to temporarily care for their child may take charge of a written agreement with a child and a family service for a fixed period (voluntary placement contract). Such agreements allow the Agency to care for the child for up to 12 months. Parents must provide financial information to the Agency and possibly bear all or part of the cost of child care. Subsections 14 (2) and (3) set limits for the duration of agreements and extensions. Subsections 14 (4) and (5) provide for the termination of agreements or renewals by an agency or by the person who entered into the contract. RCW 13.34.245 Voluntary consent for the care of Indian children, validation, withdrawal of consent, cessation of use of voluntary internships in accordance with Section 14 of the Family and Children`s Services Act is consistent with an agency`s obligation under Section 7 to provide family advice, counselling, care and other services to families for the protection of children. A parent who wishes to temporarily place a child under the guardianship of an agency or permanently abandon the guardianship of a child may ask a child and a family service to enter into a written agreement to that effect. Section 14 of the Child and Family Services Act provides that a parent, legal guardian or any other person who actually cares for and controls a child, has a voluntary placement contract (VPA) with a child`s shelter agency without guardianship. An agreement can be reached: Article 33 of the Child and Family Services Regulation entrusts the powers of the Director to the delegated authority of a public authority in accordance with Section 15, paragraph 4 of the Child and Family Services Act. This authority may require an authority to submit to the approval of any or any agreement regarding day care, household benefits or voluntary placements, in accordance with paragraphs 12, 13 and 14 of the Act.

A parent may terminate this contract within 21 days of signing, but only if the Agency is informed in writing. If the parents of a child are married or contracting, both must sign the agreement. A single mother can sign the voluntary guardianship if she meets the criteria set by law. Morgan also said she had seen women fighting for years to regain custody of their children after signing voluntary mediation agreements forced to participate in programming, she said she was not adequately addressing the cases that lead to CFS involvement. If only the mother signs a voluntary surrender of the guardianship contract, the agency cannot adopt the child if the father has asked the court to declared the child`s father.