Notaries identify the person who signs the document and certify the person`s signature. A notarized document proves that a person who opposes the agreement was someone who signed it. This applies in particular to written contracts, so that a notarized document may be relevant in the documents to be written. A notarized certified document is not necessary, but it is useful that your contract is never brought to justice. As a general rule, the contract defines the rights and obligations of both parties. Once the contract is concluded, the contract will be signed by both parties in the presence of a notary, who will then sign the notary agreement. Signing your document is usually the last step in making it legally binding. The terms of the agreement will thus come into force, but not all methods of signing and executing documents are valid in the same way. It is customary for citizens of South Africa or permanent residents linked to a foreign partner to enter into a notarized life contract. The reason for the notarized contract is proof that your relationship with your partner has exceeded a 2-year period and proof that your relationship is indeed valid. This is presented in the form of an affidavit and a notarized contract included in your life visa application.

The cost of consulting and developing a notarized contract in South Africa will cost approximately R899.00. You can buy your cohabitation contract online for our included R1900 fee. To continue, click on the “Add to the Basket” icon below and pay for the R1900 via your credit card. Once the payment is approved, the system will send you a link to insert your names, identity documents, etc. It will then generate your agreement and send it to us for email approval. As soon as we are satisfied, we will send it to you by email for signature. The document consists of a power of attorney that allows us to appear before a notary to sign the contract on your behalf. Once the document is authenticated, we will contact you and arrange for you to retrieve it from our office, or we can send it to you by mail for a fee. A notary may refuse services if he suspects fraud or is unsure of the identity of a signatory.

They may also refuse to certify a document that is too notarized if there is reason to believe that a party has been coerced or if one of the parties does not understand the agreement. After the signing, both receive a notarized testimony. As there are two original duplications of the contract, this allows the second original to be kept in the notary`s minutes. Some financial institutions need notarized legal documents to prevent fraud. For example, by proxy, the notary verifies the identity of the parties and ensures that each of them voluntarily signs the agreement. Since it is easy to confuse a genuine agreement between a discussion of the agreement, the law has developed different rules to clarify these situations. If you answer YES to the above questions, let Bregmans prepare a notarized cohabitation agreement for you. There is no standard format for this notarized contract and each will be unique depending on the requirements and circumstances of the parties. In some cases, contracts must be written to be valid.

State laws often require written contracts for real estate contracts that last more than a year. Check your state`s requirements to understand if your contract needs to be written. Even if your state does not require it to be written, it is a good idea to have it written, otherwise an agreement is difficult to prove.