“Our best collective bargaining strategy is to send our greatest man.” “Not at the moment, Timmy. First, we`re going to work on field balls. Perhaps we can discuss collective bargaining later. “Well what? — The pharaoh says he has never heard of collective bargaining. “Thanks to the twisting bankers and their allied politicians, we are negotiating lower wages and FEWER benefits! If collective bargaining is prohibited! “To work here, you have to wear this metal collar!” “All I said was that we are in complete agreement with all of your proposals.” “Then I said to him, “Unions are powerless in this country… What can you do to me? “The Wisconsin government broke a promise it made at work. “What the board doesn`t know won`t hurt him. I hope we don`t settle until after the hockey final. “I know what it`s like to be at work. I was unionized. »