If couples sign a written contract before getting married, then it is a conjugal agreement and if they sign the written contract after they are married, then it is a marriage contract. How to get one: How marital agreements can be developed by a lawyer. Websites, books and do-it-yourself kits are also available. Your Accord Prenuptial Lawyer will also help you understand different problems and give you the right advice on certain situations that online models can`t do. It is possible to have only one lawyer to make the whole agreement for both of you, but the other party must get independent legal advice (INDEPENDENT Legal Advice, ILA), otherwise it would be a conflict of interest. Having a lawyer can strengthen the agreement, since a legal protocol has been respected. A lawyer will ensure that your pre-contract has complied with all the legal requirements of the Family Law. “People who receive prenupes are those who have relationships with large disparities, assets or debts,” says Boyd. “Most of the time, it is the parents who want their children – usually their children`s spouses – to sign a pre-contract of interest for the family business or happy family business. The rest are the most common spouses who have already divorced. You tend to be a little more practical in your next wedding.¬†We will look at Alberta agreement issues in future positions. Another problem, according to Boyd, is that it may be pointless for a couple to get a deal, which means they spent money they didn`t have to spend at all. What is a marital agreement? “The purpose of a marriage agreement is to determine in advance what happens in the unlikely and tragic event that the marriage collapses,” Boyd explains.

The idea is that instead of leaving it until the date of separation, to find out what`s going on, you try to anticipate in advance. A marriage contract can be considered an insurance: you hope you will never need it, but they will be grateful to have it if you ever do. We often think that marital agreements are supposed to be the protection of the rich, but it can work both ways. If you are in financial danger, for example. B the appearance of unknown and unnecessary debts, then a marriage contract can protect you in case of separation or divorce. Our marriage lawyers will undertake that your contract is legally flawless and drafted in such a way as to avoid conflict. This requires full financial disclosure and in-depth discussions on other issues. One of them, is to anticipate where you will be as a couple, as well as individuals, in the near or distant future.

This can make it difficult to determine what you want to include in the agreement. Alberta law sets out the formal conditions for binding agreements. Each party must sign separately before different lawyers who may not be the other spouse`s lawyer or the lawyer before whom the other spouse signs – a written confirmation of three things: you may move cities, provinces or counties to start a new life. You may have a well-established career ahead of you, but since you are in love, you are ready to give up your career. It is important that you get on helping spouses when the marriage breaks. A marriage agreement should include provisions that protect you if you give up your profession and career for marriage. How to obtain one: Marriage contracts can be entered into through a family lawyer and/or experienced in the development of marriage contracts.