Service agreements can describe geographic watersheds in one of three ways: watersheds are generally used in service agreements to determine where funded services are provided. Watersheds are also used to map service data in a common way and to better show coverage and dissemination of service delivery in Queensland. This information can be used to identify needs and gaps in service delivery and to inform future investment decisions of the department. There are two streamlined agreements currently used by the department: the streamlined short-form agreement is designed for low-risk, low-level services or activities. The abbreviated form agreement consists of two parts: the Standard Suite of Contracts contains the standard conditions for all social services funded by the Queensland government. More information about the standard suite of contracts can be found below. The streamlined service contract is used for most of the funding for service delivery and consists of two parts: The Standard Suite of Contracts provides a modern and consistent approach to “One Government” in the allocation of social services and aims to facilitate business with the government. Previous versions of contracts and service specifications are available on the archive page. The funding plan is part of the funding and service details and provides funding and services to be provided, as well as reporting obligations. When providing services, the provider provides projects, assets and services directly related to funded services. Social service contracts are not suitable for purchase: the entire standard government suite of contracts is the basis of our streamlined agreements, including: You should always use one of the two standard contract models if you need a third party for the provision of social services.

The Ministry for The Safety of Children, Youth and Women (Ministry) is funding non-governmental organisations to provide a range of frontline services that enable Queenslanders in need of protection to improve their lives. The standard suite of contracts will be used by all Queensland authorities as a basis for the allocation of social, economic and cultural services, for the provision of funding to local organisations and for sponsorship agreements. If something is particularly risky, high quality or involves risks that are not covered by the reporting conditions, you should also include specific conditions in the financing and service details. If you need help developing specific conditions, talk to your procurement or legal advice team. When an organization is funded for the provision of low-risk, low-value-added services and has a streamlined service contract, funding through a funding plan can be included in the service agreement instead of entering into a separate short-form agreement. Short form conditions may be appropriate if the service agreement – the standard conditions are not. You must use the service agreement – standard terms (PDF, 562 KB) for strategic, focused and cancelled transactions.