We had a verbal agreement with our tenant to rent alone and if someone comes to visit, he can only stay within an agreed time, he bought his son (who survived the agreed time) and secretly bought another person without our knowledge, it is these legitimate conditions to take an eviction notice, also, it was purchased to our knowledge that the son engaged in illegal activities and is perhaps hidden from the police as we should. Hello I am a landlord who gave a 14 month lease to the tenant. The tenant violates the tenancy agreement, which is exclusively for the dwelling. Over the past month, the tenant has housed 2 employees. The tenant now wants to terminate the lease after a one-month notice period and has not charged penalties. What are the rights of the landlord especially if the request to terminate the tenancy agreement was made by the tenant without good cause. My question to you is, what sanctions might apply if the master of the country is not the person who breaks the lease after 4 months of occupation. Can I respect the terms of the agreement during the leave he paid for the period set out in the lease? Thank you very much for waiting for your response. Lizzy G. Good Morning, I recently terminated my lease as a tenant. the agreement stipulates that the deposit that is returned for damages will not be returned if I broke my lease and then a few points down after indicating when the lease is in progress and that the property must be returned to the state as it was obtained at the end of the term. What I want to know is if I am responsible for the damage or if I paint the premises, because I will not receive my bail.

Give 2 months of notification of the increase per letter and also mention the introduction of an official lease. trinidadandtobagolegalrights.blogspot.com/2010/10/co-ownership-of-land-tenancy-in-common.html I signed a lease for a certain amount of money later the owner decided to increase the cost by 400.$ and I accepted the supplement, but the lease is constituted, if at some point I would like to terminate the contract, I can do so by terminating 30 days in due form . I lived in the unit for 6 months during this period, I realized that there was no privacy, which anyway I decided to give my message of 30 days to finish the rent, in the middle of the month I was stopped by the owner, It seems they wanted an early departure before the end of my last 30 days . What can I do? In such a case. Hello, this blog was very informative, but I have a question for you. I`ve been renting at my current address for 4 years. My landlord lives in the upstairs apartment and I rent on the ground floor. It was only in the first year that a lease was entered into for a period of 1 year.

Since then, I`ve been paying my rent without hiccups, as expected. On June 10, my landlord asked me if they could increase the rent. Of course, if it`s me, I don`t agree with a rent increase, so if the question was asked, I told my landlord that I`m looking at my budget and come back.